Cuba – Some Interesting Things …

This is one of the main highways – 4 lanes. A couple of interesting things. First, note the condition of the road. It was full of potholes and uneven surfaces and the driver frequently changed lanes or slowed down to avoid these. Second, where is the traffic? Not many can afford a car so not much traffic at all. In fact, look at the photo below to see how people get around in Cuba.

Hitching (and often paying for it) is the most common way to get around outside of the cities.

This is the major department store in Cienfuegos (about 150 000 people). I don’t think Harvey Norman has anything to be concerned about.

Rubbish collection in Cienfuegos.

This is my favourite – you’d take your chance wouldn’t you? Give up or run? Run! Mind you, if they catch you, have a look below to see where they send you.

The prison just outside of Cienfuegos.

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