Leadership Coaching

Successful leaders actively improve. Kyle’s excellent judgment helps accelerate improvement by providing honest, empathetic, high quality advice.

One-on-One Behavioral Coaching.
Kyle’s successful approach involves engaging key stakeholders to help identify specific keystone behaviours that will have the widest impact. Kyle then provides structure and on-going support with prompting and data-based feedback to ensure the behaviours take hold and become fluent across a variety of settings. Stakeholders are consulted throughout the process to support the leader –  and to improve their own leadership behaviours.

From Stress (and other challenges) to Thrive.
Kyle works with clients to help them respond differently to their cognitions, emotions, and urges to achieve their values-based goals and move towards a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.

Event-Based Coaching.
Kyle’s sought after advice helps clients frame and decide solutions to specific challenging situations – either planned or unplanned.

Team Leadership Coaching.
Kyle helps teams improve their performance by increasing team effectiveness in working together to achieve the team goal.

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