Focus Outward Towards the Customer

I bought a Fisher and Paykel Dishdrawer in January which I couldn’t use until two weeks after purchase. One week for delivery, and another week to replace it as it was broken before it was even out of ┬áthe box. Two weeks later it has broken down (well at least I got to use it this time). Now the interesting part isn’t that it has broken twice within a few weeks, as bad as that is. What is interesting (and highly annoying) is that it can’t be fixed for three days because the technician won’t be over this side of town until then. I have clients (yes, that is plural) that will be at someone’s house in under an hour if there is a problem. Here however, I have to work around the technician’s schedule (and of course I don’t even know the time so will be waiting around home) because it isn’t convenient to drive here until three days time. Why is this? Is there only a horse and cart available? I doubt it. I think it is because the focus is on the input of what suits the organisation (have the technicians in one area) rather than on the output of serving the customer. So, hand washing dishes for me – mind you, am getting good at it ever since I bought this dishdrawer.

And … hasn’t Fisher and Paykel had some problems over the last year? Hmmm, I have a suggestion or two for areas of improvement.

McWilliams Consulting