Irrelevant Value: An Oxymoron

My Westpac card is my secondary credit card, one which I use occasionally. The balance, as it has been for the last six months, is about $500 in credit.

Yesterday, Westpac phoned me with a “courtesy” call asking if I would like payment insurance for my credit card (insurance which, should something happen, the bank would pay each month’s minimum payment). I asked the Westpac person if anyone had bothered to actually look at the balance of the account, for if they did, they would have seen that the account has been in credit for several months. He said no one had. I asked why I would want insurance on an account which is always in credit. “Just in case,”  he replied.

Value offered is only value if it is relevant. Irrelevant value is an oxymoron as it is not value at all, but rather an annoyance and a signal that you don’t know your customer or client.

What type of value are you offering to your clients?

McWilliams Consulting