Letter to the Editor

My friend Pete wrote the “Letter of the Week” for the Christchurch Press, and won an Akaroa salmon for his troubles. Here is his letter.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe has this to say about New Zealand: “A failed socio-economic post-Victorian experiment.”

It has this to say about Victorian: “A seriously anal-retentive society with a great many adherents to a cannibalistic Mediterranean religion once popular with a group of savages calling themselves Romans.”

Pundits across the galaxy have this to say about anal retentive: “Overly feminised and politically correct behaviour common among the natives of NZ and practised by a hypocritical bunch of bureaucrats.”

Gag Halfront, the social commentator and author of the book Why Jellybeans Attract Lint in Your Pocket, describes New Zealand as “the origin of the All Blacks, a type of jellybean.”

Nine million dollars, being spent in a recession of biblical proportions on a referendum with a question no one seems able to interpret, on a law that makes no difference to our appalling predilection for child abuse?

Now that is really silly.

P A Newsome, Avonhead

McWilliams Consulting