Preorder iPhone from Vodafone

I was supposed to get my iPhone on Friday and at 3.10 p.m. get an email from Vodafone saying that they have exciting news that my phone will now be delivered Saturday at the earliest – not really exciting given I was told it was Friday.

So Saturday morning the courier goes to the wrong house, so I email Vodafone about how I might get my phone. Their response was interesting whereas their wonderful solution was to make it my problem by giving me the tracking number so I can locate my Iphone and then organise to get it. Here is my response … wonder what they’ll reply with.


Hi Abby

Thanks for your email.
I am not sure why you have not addressed anything in my previous email and only restated about the tracking information, which I have had since Friday, and which has not helped me since, hence me emailing you. I am also not sure why you are telling there were 1400 deliveries on Friday. What does that have to do with me given I was not one of them?
Specifically, can you please tell me:
1. Why I was told I would have my iphone on Friday when this was never the case?
2. If I am actually going to get an iphone?
3. If I am to get an iphone, when I am going to get it (given I have now been told the wrong time twice)?
4. If I am getting one, and a time for delivery is planned, how I am going to avoid a “We Missed You” card while I am actually home?
I look forward to your responses.

McWilliams Consulting