World Stickfighting Championships

Feeling the cold now (was 1˚degree yesterday down from an average 35˚ on my travels), after returning from the Philippines to participate in the World Stickfighting Championships. I received two silver medals, one for single stick, the other for double stick. In both single and double, I fought Philippino fighters who are quick and agile. In both finals, I fought my Grandmaster and came runner up to him.

Normally, at the start of a fight, one is hyped up a bit, yet at the start of the double stick final I was feeling very relaxed as I was looking forward to it and I knew I was going to have a party for 3 minutes.

Just before the start whistle, I looked at my Grandmaster and then looked over at our Supreme Grandmaster sitting 3m away watching us and our fight to be, and I thought, “How cool is this, life is pretty good.”

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